Young Folks’ Library

I found a trove of literature in a 20-volume series of books called the Young Folks’ Library. You can access all volumes via the following links:

  1. The Story Teller
  2. The Merry Maker
  3. Famous Fairy Tales
  4. Tales of Fantasy
  5. Myths and Legends
  6. The Animal Story Book
  7. School and College Days
  8. Book of Adventure
  9. Famous Explorers
  10. Brave Deeds
  11. Wonders of Earth, Sea, and Sky
  12. Famous Travels
  13. Sea Stories
  14. A Book of Natural History
  15. Historic Scenes in Fiction
  16. Famous Battles by Land and Sea
  17. Men Who Have Risen
  18. Book of Patriotism
  19. Leaders of Men, or History Told in Biography
  20. Famous Poems



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