Word Building and Reading with the AI Phonogram

Yesterday, I started exploring the multi-letter phonogram ai with my daughter. Today, we continued our study with a trip to the mailbox with magnetic letters to spell ‘MAIL’.

We added a little physical science to the mix by exploring magnetic and non-magnetic items along the way. My daughter was very excited to learn that the mailbox was magnetic! Then I helped her build the word. She had fun teasing me by turning the M into a W and saying the /w/ sound over and over again.


At story time, we used a new tip from Judy at Wordy Worm Reading. Her tip was to create short felt lines and give my daughter the opportunity to underline the ai phonograms as they came up in our books. Our felt lines were a little long, but you can see the idea at work below in the Tails and The Real Mother Goose books.


I also built the word ‘train’ on our Moveable Alphabet app on the iPad. Interestingly, my daughter sounded out the word ‘train’ with the short a and short i sounds separately. I put the felt line under the ai and reminded her that ai says a. She smiled and said, “Yeah, ai says a! That says train!”



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