Quizzing the Single-Sound Consonants

With the Wordy Worm Reading program, I’ve started my 2-year-old daughter off by learning the single-sound consonants. One challenge that the program helped me work through is how my daughter gives nonsense answers when I try to quiz her to see what she really knows and what she still needs to work on. To help me, the great folks at Wordy Worm gave me printable files for all the phonogram groups (which I used a sheet from today), plus printable files to make stickers and buttons as rewards (which I plan to use, too).

Tonight after dinner, I took the print out for the single-sound consonants and told my daughter that we were going to “play a game.” I made sure not to use the words “quiz” or “test” to make sure it sounded like a fun activity to her. Then I told her that for each letter sound she got right, she would get a do-a-dot stamp on the print out and a sticker for her sticker book. She LOVED this activity. She seriously answered me every time I asked her what sound a letter makes. She gave correct answers for all the single-sound consonants except the sounds for V and Z. So, we’ll be focusing on the Wordy Worm ditties and activities for those letter sounds next.

I liked that the timing of this “quiz” came at a point when my daughter already knows a lot of the answers. She was glowing with pride with all the correct answers she was able to provide. It was a big confidence booster for her and also very rewarding for me to see that the letter sounds we’ve been working on have really sunk in all the way.


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