Modified ABC Song with the Letter Sounds

Tonight at bedtime, my 31-month-old daughter asked me to sing her the “ABCDEFG song.” I wanted to take the chance to reinforce some of the letter sounds she’s been learning, so I added them into the traditional ABC song. Here’s the lyrics:

A says /ă/, /ā/, /ä/. B say /b/.

C says /k/ and /s/. D says /d/.

E says /ĕ/ and /ē/. F says /f/.

G says /g/ and /j/. H says /h/.

I says /ĭ/, /ī/, /ē/, /y/. J says /j/.

K says /k/. L says /l/.

M says /m/. N says /n/.

O says /ŏ/, /ō/, /ōō/, /ŭ/. P says /p/.

Qu says /kw/. R says /r/.

S says /s/ and /z/. T says /t/.

U says /ŭ/, /ū/, /ōō/, /ŏŏ/. V says /v/.

W says /w/. X says /ks/.

Y says /y/, /ĭ/, /ī/, /ē/. Z says /z/.

That’s the letter sounds from /ă/ to /z/.

My daughter was very happy to have me sing this to her twice in a row. Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep. It was such a sweet, easy and educational bedtime.


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