2-Year-Old Toddler Learning the Letter Sounds

As I mentioned in my post about the phonogram clue box, I’ve been using the Wordy Worm Reading program to teach my daughter phonics. I purchased the program’s kit in June 2012, when my daughter was 25 months old. In the short 5 months since then, I’ve been lucky enough to capture a few of our Wordy Worm moments on video.

The program includes short songs for each phonogram. I started by teaching my daughter the program’s songs for the single-sound alphabet.

In this first video, you can see that I did all the singing while my daughter played with the clue box item under my modeling and encouragement. This video was taken when my daughter was 25 months old:

In this second video, just 2 months later at 27 months old, my daughter would chime in with a letter sound here and there when encouraged:

In this third video, just 2 months after that, at 29 months old, my daughter started singing some of the ditties I’d been singing to her on her own, unprompted. Right now, she’ll only sing them unprompted. If I ask her to sing them, she’ll ignore the request. So, the clue box items are really working here because they spark her to sing the songs on her own. This independent activity lets me know that she’s really learning.

Over this same period of time, my daughter’s language skills have rapidly progressed. It’s been wonderful to have her phonics skills progress right alongside the language advancements.


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